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Logo Design - Online and Offline

You have the new website that looks great, got the features mapped out, know who your target market is and how you are going to approach them and you're nearly set to go live. Take a look at your website again: How does your logo look? Do you even have a logo?

Done correctly, your logo creates a good first impression to customers, builds credibility for your business and portrays a professional image. A poorly designed logo suggests amateurism and unreliability. Which impression would you prefer for your business?

From your initial concept to the final design, DVH Design can work with you to create a logo that both you and your customers will like. We can also revamp an existing logo to give it more impact.

Web Graphic Design

But our knowledge and expertise doesn't just stop at logo design! Over the last decade, we have designed a range of bespoke items for our extensive range of clients. They include:

  • Action buttons
  • Banner Adverts
  • Flash Movies

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